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HTC One Stealth Black

Hands-on with the HTC One Stealth Black – image gallery and video

HTC One Stealth Black 5 1600 aa
We’re live from the CTIA 2013 convention in Las Vegas, where we got some hands-on time with the Stealth Black version of the popular HTC One.
There’s no question about it – the HTC One is one of the best looking (many say the best looking) smartphones on the market right now. It’s a beautifully worked piece of aluminum with smooth curves and seamless transitions between its design elements.
HTC has touted the attention it put into designing the make-or-break One more than once, as well as the work that goes into machining each and every unit. Our Kristopher Wook was impressed with the device when he reviewed the HTC One, and our drop test against the iPhone 5 shows that the One is as sturdy as it is pretty.
Up until now, we only got to play with the Glacial Silver HTC One, with the Stealth Black model eluding us for some reason. Well, not anymore, because Joshua Vergara paid a visit to the CTIA 2013 convention and got to spend some quality time with the black HTC One. Here are his impressions.
And here’s a gallery of the HTC One Stealth Black, showing us its best positions.

HTC One Stealth Black 6 1600 aa HTC One Stealth Black 5 1600 aa HTC One Stealth Black 4 1600 aa
HTC One Stealth Black 3 1600 aa HTC One Stealth Black 2 1600 aa HTC One Stealth Black 1 1600 aa


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